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Preparing for the Farmers’ Market: Interview with Ana of Mercado Mayapan

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Interview with Ana, General Manager of Mercado Mayapan

How did  you come to work at La Mujer Obrera?

It was when I was displaced from my job at the factory in 1999. I started participating as a volunteer in meetings and activities. I joined the board of directors. Later I began to work at Café Mayapán, as a waitress and cook.

Why did the women of La Mujer Obrera establish Mercado Mayapán?

We saw the need to create a space for the community, where we could promote Mexican culture, Mexican cuisine, the food of our ancestors, and promote eating with fresh ingredients, the way we cook at home.

What are the main components of Mercado Mayapán?

We have the restaurant where we promote the food of our culture, bulk grains and seeds, dry goods, a media center, cultural events, and artisan goods from Lummetik, the fair trade import company.

Tell us about the new project that involves local farmers.

It’s an idea that we had from the beginning. It had been one of our goals, to be able to contact the farmers so they could also be a part of this marketplace. We want to promote fresh vegetables and fruits, to help the local economy, and to help community members eat products with less chemicals.

How are you preparing for this new project?

One of the women has been in charge of looking for the farmers. Once she contacted one, she was referred to more. We have also been having training for the women about nutrition and the food system.

Mercado Mayapan is currently open Friday – Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Mercado Mayapan Farmers’ Market starts June 4, 2011.

  1. Great interview! This mercadito sounds wonderful… I love the emphasis on local, healthy, and traditional foods.
    Where is Mercado Mayapan located?

  2. Thank you very much! Mercado Mayapan is located in El Paso, Texas, at 2101 Myrtle, Avenue. Hope you can visit us!

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