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Who benefits from a local farmers’ market? Interview with Yolanda Clay

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A local farmers’ market benefits the entire food system. In this interview, we talk with Yolanda Clay, of the Texas Department of Agriculture, Go Texan Program.

What is your name and occupation?

My name is Yolanda Clay, I am a Marketing Specialist with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Go Texan Program.


Why is it important to buy local products?

Because you know who grew it and how it was produced. Local products promote the local economy, and they are usually healthier because they have not been over processed.


There is a belief that local products are more expensive. What do you tell people who are concerned about that?

Well, when I hear people question a farmer’s price for a product, what I tell them is that they are paying for freshness, they are paying because they are meeting the farmer who grew their food and if they wanted to, the farmer would probably encourage them to go visit the farm and see under what conditions their product was grown. I like to know who’s growing my food. It’s worth it.


What do you think about the farmers’ market about to launch June 4 at Mercado Mayapán?

I’m very excited to see a brand new farmers market in the El Paso area; it is something that is very much needed. I encourage everybody from all over – in El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez, Fort Hancock – everybody to come see the market. You will be surprised. You will find a great variety of fresh products, it will be a great family event, and it will be on a weekly basis. You can buy fresh fruit, fresh produce, eggs, flowers; it will be awesome. I’m very excited to see a farmers’ market open in El Paso.

* * *

Mercado Mayapan is currently open Friday – Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Mercado Mayapan Farmers’ Market starts June 4, 2011


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