La Mujer Obrera


We Are Seven Social Purpose Businesses:

Mercado Mayapan Festival Marketplace

Rayito de Sol Daycare

Café Mayapan

Lummetik Trading Company

Uxmal Apartments



Since 1981, La Mujer Obrera has been dedicated to upholding the most basic human rights:

*Employment with dignity and justice

*Comprehensive education, for all ages and community members

*Full health and nutrition, including open access to comprehensive health care

*Safe, secure and affordable housing,

*Right to live in peace with justice and dignity,

*Right to freely and completely participate in the political governing system.

“In the midst of globalization, how do we, as women and as workers, defend our rights and build sustainable communities rooted in justice and human dignity?”

As we seek and create solutions to this question, our organizational goals continue to be:

` Women’s Empowerment:
Secure the right and the capacity to develop as women, in community, and for our families, as a people with a history and a rich cultural heritage to affirm and share;

` Economic Development:
Generate women’s economic empowerment through social enterprises, small business support, and bilingual workforce development; and

` Community Development:
Build community, while sustaining our roots through neighborhood revitalization, job creation, housing development, and educational projects that celebrate Mexican cultural heritage.

As an organization, we have worked to respond to the following question:

In 1997, in the aftermath of NAFTA and its displacement, trauma and impact on women and workers, La Mujer Obrera established El Puente Community Development Corporation, to create economic opportunity with/for displaced women workers and other low income community members, especially those living and working in the South Central barrio, the former Garment District of El Paso.
El Puente’s mission is true to its name. Virtually unparalleled in the country as a grassroots Mexican immigrant women’s organization involved in development tied to empowerment, El Puente serves as a bridge to new sources of economic, educational and community development.

To generate economic opportunity, El Puente focuses on:
• Job Creation
• Micro-enterprise Development
• Social Enterprises
• Small Business Support

To strengthen community members’ skills and knowledge, El Puente includes:

• Workforce Training and Basic Skills Education
• Access to Technology
• Entrepreneurial Training

To promote community development, El Puente builds community capacity while sustaining cultural roots through:

• Neighborhood revitalization and Housing
• Cultural enrichment and arts programs
• Urban Agriculture and Healthy Living initiatives
With these programs, in conjunction with its parent La Mujer Obrera, El Puente has achieved outstanding results and recognition for women’s empowerment and community economic development including:
• Conversion of four dilapidated buildings into a hub for dynamic neighborhood revitalization

Please join us in creating a sustainable future for women workers of Mexican heritage and their families in the United States.

For more information, or to make a donation contact: 915-887-1520 or


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